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Co-Curricular Activities


CCAs in ACJC is where you are developed beyond the formal teaching programme. It is where your interests and pursuits take flight with like-minded ACSians sharing the same passion. These range from sports, cultural activities, clubs and societies, the services, Uniformed Youth Organizations (UYOs) and activities of the college houses. CCA offers for the development of leadership skills, the nurturing of students talents and skills, the cultivation of positive values and attitudes and the pursuit of healthy recreational activities.


Students are strongly encouraged to take part actively in at least one major CCA. For their participation in a CCA to be recognised, members must fulfil eighty percent attendance. Students are expected to participate in the same CCA throughout their two years in JC.

Students are not permitted to play for an external club or represent any external organisation in any activity without the prior approval of the Principal. For activities sanctioned by MOE, students are to submit their training programmes at the beginning of each year to the Sports Secretary or Head of Department/ PE and CCA for these to be recorded and recognised.