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String Ensemble

The Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) String Ensemble was first established in 1998. Known for its musical excellence and creativity, the ensemble has staged numerous well-received concerts at prominent venues such as Chijmes Hall, Drama Centre, Singapore Art Museum, Victoria Concert Hall, and the Esplanade.

In the last decade, the ACJC String Ensemble has consistently been awarded the Certificate of Distinction at the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. In 2017, the ensemble had the honour of hosting and collaborating with our sister schools, Tezukayama High School, Japan (THS) and Immanuel College, Australia in a joint concert, ‘Celebrate!’. In line with ACJC's 40th anniversary, the ensemble also had the privilege to record and perform the newly arranged ACS anthem put together by ACJC's alumnus Peter Gale, conducted by Mr. Seow Yibin. In 2019, the ensemble together with the ACJC Choir embarked on a trip to Osaka, Japan, to engage in a cultural exchange with THS to celebrate 30 years of friendship between ACJC and THS.

Besides giving voice to the great traditions of western classical music, the ensemble aims to promote 20th and 21st-century string repertoire, especially that of our gifted local composers. The ACJC String Ensemble, under the direction of Mr. Yang Zheng Yi, is committed to using the gift of music, which God has blessed us with to share the joy of music with the larger community. Indeed, the best is yet to be as we build an ensemble that strives to steward musical excellence!

A student’s perspective:
ACSE is a family to me; a community that explores our passion for music together; the place where I recharge while doing what I truly love. Whether you know how to play a string instrument or not, really, all you need is passion. Our conductor, group of tutors and section leaders will provide amazing guidance on your music journey. JC1 definitely gets tiring at times but being an ACSE member definitely made it more enriching!" - Erica (Class of 2022)
"Being in ACSE has been one of the greatest highlights of my AC experience. ACSE has not only provided countless opportunities for us to hone and strengthen our musicality, but has also allowed us to grow in a community of individuals who share the same love for music. Despite the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, the ensemble pushed through, and refused to abandon the hope of being able to perform at our annual concert, 'Kronos'. Owing to the undaunted willpower of the ensemble, we remained unshaken by last minute changes and ultimately produced an exemplary virtual recording of the concert. The diverse music, from Disney hits to classical pieces, showcased versatility, while the ensemble's flawless execution truly highlighted our passion and dedication to the music. Sincerely, this is one of the most gratifying experiences of my time here at AC and I look forward to performing with the ensemble in upcoming concerts and events." - Steffi (Class of 2022)