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Bowling, a sport that requires both power and accuracy in each and every shot, is able to build up on one’s physical strength as well as their mental perseverance. Although bowling may seem to be an individual sport, we as Team AC, come together to cheer on and support each other. Our school team has attained many remarkable achievements over the past few years, placing overall schools 1st and 3rd for the girls and boys respectively during the 2019 National School Games. It is the hard work and effort put in by our bowlers, as well as the dedication and support from our coaches, and teachers-in-charge that has managed to help propel us to such successes. All this would not have been possible without the team spirit and unitedness within our AC family.

AC Bowling has many training and team bonding sessions, which inculcates important values like teamwork and team spirit in our bowlers. Additionally, our annual activities such as our bowling camp and seniors farewell, allows our team to come together and forge meaningful friendships and wonderful memories. AC Bowling is not only a team that bowls together, but also a family where we can talk and laugh together, and make memories together.