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Overview of CCA
AC volleyball is an inclusive and interactive co-curriculum activity that allows individuals to grow and learn together. It provides students with a platform to express their love for the sport, take a break from their hectic school work, and to have fun with their friends.The environment created is one that is supportive, whilst still a place where like-minded individuals work hard and strive to become better with the encouragement of one another. Members are motivated and committed to the CCA, encouraging each other and seeking to constantly improve so that they can be reassured that they are not alone in this journey.

We are a sports CCA that places high value on discipline, integrity and character. Hence AC volleyball not only trains individuals to become proficient athletes, but to become sportsmen or sports women carrying good morals and values. Moreover, due to the gruelling nature of the sport, we emphasise on great discipline so that our athletes can instill resilience. 

Students’ experiences in the CCA
My seniors were mostly very nice and welcoming and didn't give me too much grief for my lack of skill when I joined. My teammates are very fun and chill people that I really enjoy playing and training with. CCA is always very fun and tiring and was something I always looked forward to after class as a form of stress relief and to temporarily forget about the academic responsibilities that the hectic JC life requires. My experience in ACVB is very fun and wholesome.

Past achievements
Due to the covid-19 pandemic, competitions came to a halt in 2020 and 2021 and there were no achievements. 
In 2017, the boys team won bronze and then silver the following year in the A-division competition. 
In 2016, the girls team won 4th in the national inter-school championship.

More information
Training sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. Initiatives from the team to seek constant improvement include gym sessions which are organised on Fridays.