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More than just a collection of players united by a Sport. We are a family of students, both past and present that individually bring something unique to maintain our rich and proud tradition of calling ourselves the ACJC Tennis Team. Every student competing under the AC tennis banner will have their own fascinating story, be it the hours on court honing their skills, or the hours off it making new friends. Through this combination, the ACJC Tennis Team has managed to perform well at every edition of the National School Games, consistently vying for the top positions.

Trainings are held in school at 4 of our very own tennis courts and are typically twice a week but it would increase when the competition approaches during the April timeframe. Balance is key and trainings will usually scale back to ensure that every student has sufficient time to navigate their exams.

While the training can be intense, the reward is satisfying. It has led to many of the alumni coming back to help out during the trainings. The alumni come back to offer their encouragement and their experience, having already gone through the same training and their main aim is to provide a network of support and to ensure that every student gains the most from each training. Our aim is for students to continue playing tennis even after they graduate from ACJC and they may tap on the vast network of alumni to continue their passion for the sport after their time at ACJC.