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Art Club

What does the Art Club do? The short answer is: Whatever you want!

Art Club is a student-centric environment where members have the freedom to decide what medium they want to explore for each session. Our very cozy art studios are stocked with a wide range of tools and materials: Beyond the regular drawing, painting and craft mediums, our learning spaces and resources support technical and creative pursuits in digital media, comics, animation, ceramics, woodwork, print-making, jewelry craft, fashion design and more. Quite literally speaking, we are the canvas for you to create whatever you want!

Art Club isn’t just for artists but anyone. There are no prerequisites in terms of your skills and experiences, as there will be plenty of opportunities for new experiments and discoveries tailored to your interests. You might be seeking a relaxing and therapeutic environment, a tight-knit community, the freedom to pursue your passion and hone your skills, or just want to have some fun — all of which are good reasons to join us!

To see what we do, follow us @acjcartclub on instagram!