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The ACJC Choir

The ACJC Choir has been an integral part of the College’s choral tradition since 1977 and in 1988, had the honour of being selected for the MOE Choral Excellence Programme, which offered a structure, resources and foundation to provide specialised choral training.

Regardless of singing background, the choir is filled with passionate and family-oriented individuals, the ACJC Choir seeks to enrich students’ college experience and encourage them to reach their fullest potential. Concurrently, the Choir remains committed to its legacy of choral excellence and endeavours to serve as Singapore’s choral ambassador to the world as it forges close ties with the international choral community. 

Are you enthusiastic, intrigued, or passionate about choral singing? If so, the ACJC Choir is perfect for you!

The Past we inherit

The Choir’s values are the pillars that have laid the foundation for generations of choristers. Many alumni choristers continue to contribute and give back to the larger ACJC Choir family as it is in giving that we receive.

The Choir, with its esteemed reputation, encourages its members to always strive for excellence. Having been the six-time winner of “The Choir of The Year” and “Best Junior College Choir” awards, the Choir develops each chorister into a passionate member who gives their best and stretches their limits in all they do. However, the accolades are never the end-goal for the choir, with the aim to bless with our best not to impress. These principles of lifelong love for music and service instilled has led many to pursue careers in the music industry.

CCA Experience

Look forward to our annual March Camp where students let down their hair and bond with fellow choristers through exciting scavenger hunts and water games. This camp allows us to foster relationships and create chemistry with each other so that we are at ease with making music together.

When the giant Christmas trees and brightly colored LED lights begin to decorate the streets of Singapore, the ACJC Choir is also eager to gear up for the merry season! The Choir looks forward to spreading Christmas cheer and blessing the public through our annual carolling sessions.

With the end of the school year, the choir may also look forward to cultural exchanges with international choirs. These trips not only allow us to broaden our knowledge and exposure to different cultures, but also help us grow as both people and choristers. 

In 2021, despite the ever changing safe-management measures throughout the year, the Choir has persevered in our endeavour to serve the community via music. With the aim of spreading peace and hope through our singing, we embarked on a journey of recordings and digital performances. We were extremely privileged to be able to bless Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home to fund the educational and developmental needs of children in Residential Care through a virtual edition of our annual concert, An Evening with Friends. We were also fortunate to be able to spread the festive spirit through recorded carols forwarded to various beneficiaries and the general public.