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AC Press is our unique writing platform for students to have a voice and a chance to express themselves. Curated by students for the student body, we seek to explore and showcase various college events as well as feature articles from a uniquely student perspective. We aim to highlight the vibrancy of school life, interests, perspectives and passions of our students. AC Press is also a family that unites a community of students in their passion for writing. Students are empowered to hone their writing abilities and embark on various Values-In-Action (VIA) projects to serve the community with their talents.

We had an inaugural community service project, Youths Give Back! Project which was an initiative by the Tiong Bahru CC Youth Executive Committee (YEC), in partnership with youths from Singapore. The aim of the project was to improve community involvement in environmental efforts and the theme was “Zero Waste” which is especially timely in our modern consumerist ever-changing world. AC Press designed infoboards, along with mobile games to spread awareness in one of Singapore’s earliest estates, at the Tiong Bahru market and the event was well-received and a fun-filled meaningful exercise for all. Our past project also include our signature beach clean-up at East Coast. We feature some special series such as the “Walk in My Shoes Again” journalistic series. This series documented the VIA event that sought to provoke empathy for elderly folks through allowing students to experience everyday struggles faced by the elders in coping with daily tasks.

In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 restrictions, we clinched a VIA opportunity with the Singapore Hospice Council (SHC). Ms Violet Yang, a representative from SHC delivered an insightful talk about palliative care and end-of-life-matters. We gleaned much from her sharing and were able to raise awareness about palliative care amongst our friends and family and we featured a series on end-of-life matters. AC Press will endeavour to improve and reach new milestones as we continue to press on with quality student writing. Truly, we seek to develop your writing and journalistic curiosity and potential as well as serving the needs of the community. We welcome you at AC Press as your word matters!