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Here at ACJC Rugby, we learn that strength truly comes from union! In our tough trainings, our CCA mates are bonded tightly and develop strong friendship bonds that carry into years to come, shown from a very intact community of graduated ruggers. In our trainings, we also learn core skills as such teamwork and courage, as well as a plethora of technical skills and strategy. When joining rugby, you can be sure to develop a heart of excellence and discover a family outside of your own developed in sessions such as camps and of course the countless post-training meals.

Over the years, we’ve bonded strongly together as we pursue the goal of winning the A Division Championships. While the training may be tough, you’ll find that we support one another through it all! We train every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the AC school field. So, come down to ACJC Rugby to not only discover the beautiful sport but to also find a strong community to enjoy student life together.