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The College’s vision is for students to be ready for the complex and ambiguous world beyond school. We aim to build collaborative learning communities to equip our students with 21st century skills and dispositions to be successful.

To achieve these aims, the College offers the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-level curriculum taught over a two-year academic programme. The A-level curriculum seeks to develop higher order thinking skills – primarily application, analysis, evaluation and synthesis. In addition, it develops skills in communication, project management, research, and scientific methodology. The curriculum offers a significant increase in the complexity of knowledge and level of critical thinking required compared to the O-levels.
The curriculum offers a wide range of subjects at three differentiated levels – Higher 1 (H1), Higher 2 (H2) and Higher 3 (H3). This enables students to achieve a breadth of coverage across various disciplines, as well as customisation within their JAE posted stream to suit their own strengths and chosen career paths. Introductory lectures, subject counselling and university admission requirements are provided to enable students to make an informed choice of the subjects they wish to offer. H3 subject selection will take place at the end of the JC1 year. 
The modes of instruction offered by the College aim to prepare students for work at the undergraduate level. Content is delivered through a range of lectures, ICT learning platforms and customised materials prepared by the teaching staff. This is complemented by tutorials, seminars and ICT tools for students to develop independent learning and critical thinking skills.

Students must adhere to the MOE prescribed standard of at least 3 H2 and 1 H1 content subjects (of which at least one must be a contrasting subject), General Paper, Project Work, and Mother Tongue Language (unless they qualify for an exemption). 

Please click here for a list of the subjects offered at ACJC.