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Arts Council

Visit our website for more information https://acjcartscouncil.wixsite.com/openhouse2022

Economics Society

Geography Society

Do YOU want to make a difference in our environment? Are you passionate about making a change with like-minded people who love nature?

Well, look no further, because AC geography society is just for you!! Geography Society plans and conducts numerous VIAs involving the environment regularly, such as in 2019, we had Project Save The Pen, our annual URA Urban Design Challenge and many more!! We also participate in school events like Project Cheer and Arts Week where members get to spearhead projects :)

We are passionate about being the positive change in our community and encouraging others to protect and love the environment around us! We love making friends too, so come join us to meet fun and wholesome people, and enhance YOUR ACxperience :) Many leaves make a tree, many trees make a forest. Be-LEAF that you can make an impact in your environment and be a part of AC Geography Society!!!!

History Society

Did Sang Nila Utama really see a Lion when he discovered Singapore? Many questions like these are discussed at the ACJC History Society (HISSOC). We aim to inculcate a greater passion for history in our members through the appreciation of the past by connecting the lessons learned from it to current realities.

To this end, a main staple of every HISSOC session involves roundtable discussions, where members will present and hold discussions on any historical topic of their choosing. From Genghis Khan and the Mongolian empire, Julius Caesar and the Roman Republic, to Lenin and the Soviet behemoth. Through these discussions, members are able to share their love and passion for the subject. Of course, the learning and enjoyment of History is also expanded beyond the classroom.

HISSOC carries out Values in Action (VIA) activities such as the 2022 Dover Heritage Trail, where we brought students from Fairfield Methodist Secondary School on a field trip around the Dover region. Moreover, we also participate in enrichment activities such as creating documentaries for Total Defence Day, where we explained the foreign threat which brought about Singapore’s largest mobilisation of the army. In short, if you desire a place where you are able to learn and share history with a tight-knit group of friends, HISSOC is the place for you!

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