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Media Resource Crew

Media Resource Crew (MRC) is a tight-knit crew that produces many of the school’s various online and offline mass-scale events and occasions such as Open House, Orientation, SG Perspectives and many more. With the onset of COVID-19, we are still able to conduct events through live feeds and streaming, making us a highly versatile CCA. 
Crewmates learn how to think on their feet to solve urgent technical problems ranging from sound to lights to multimedia. As one of the school’s service CCA, we work closely with other CCAs and teachers, crewmates will be able to polish their interpersonal skills that are crucial in the real world. 

MRC is a relatively small CCA which allows you to bond with all your crewmates, none is left out in this CCA. Even beginners, would quickly be able to find their place in this CCA. We accept all regardless of skill or knowledge. 
Students who are interested in running live events, picking up a hard or soft skill, or just want to be in a student-centric yet productive CCA should definitely consider joining our crew. MRC welcomes all crusaders!