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Malay Cultural Society

Malay Cultural Society (MCS) or what we call AC Perbayu in Malay is a CCA where students get to interact and uphold the Malay language and Malay culture while learning about the different languages and cultures of its members who come from all walks of life and from different backgrounds. Our community consists of students of different races as well as the international students from Indonesia and Malaysia. Despite the inherent differences, we are united by our common vision and interest to learn more about each other and be involved in activities that help us enjoy the beauty of the Malay language and its culture.

Our journey as a community has been a delightful one, coloured by the different events and performances planned by the students themselves. One of the biggest performances is our Biennial Malay Drama Performance that is open for the public. This performance showcases not only the beautiful and artistic side of Malay culture but also the battle against common misconceptions and stigmas associated with the Malays. This performance helps us to reach out and educate the public, so we can instill a greater love and understanding for the Malay community, the Malay language and the Malay culture. Prior to the performance, we have a drama workshop, an important opportunity for us to hone our drama skills and showcase the best performance so that the intended message of our story can be understood by the audience clearly.

In addition, we also performed for the college in cultural events such as AC Celebrations and Friendship Day. MCS performances are always much anticipated by the college due to the comedy we injected that lightens the heart while conveying a deeper message to the audience. Other than that, we are driven to contribute back to the community through our annual Values-In-Action (VIA) activity called Ramadan-On-Wheels in collaboration with 4PM which helps to keep the members grounded. Overall, our love and understanding for Malay language and the Malay culture has grown through the various events that the members have initiated and will continue to grow as we plan for the future together. Come Join Us in Our Journey!