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Chinese Cultural Society


The Chinese Cultural Society (CCS) seeks to integrate Chinese culture into the already culturally diverse AC family. A multidisciplinary CCA, our goal is to promote the appreciation and understanding of its traditions to the students through school and CCA activities. We are open to all students who are interested in learning more about the Chinese language and culture. The CCS dedicates itself to sharing all about this culture, traditional and contemporary, and encourages everyone to love it as much as we do.

Students’ experiences

The CCS brings faculty and students together through various events such as AC CNY Celebration, The voice of ACJC (Chinese songs competitions) and many others. Members are free to explore and learn about different aspects of Chinese culture through cultural enrichment programmes, such as Chinese opera, calligraphy, and chess. We help students and teachers recognize the importance of Chinese customs and festivals, such as the New Chinese Year Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival, through the organisation of school-wide events. We offer rewards to student participants in these activities to recognize their achievements, as well as to create memorable moments for students in their learning.

The CCS is a tight-knit family that is always keen to learn and ready to support each other through challenges. Aside from cultural activities, members can pick up communication and creative skills through the CCA. Event management opportunities allow members to learn to work as a team, honing their skills in video/audio editing and creative media. Moreover, events such as the CNY celebrations and SYF competition (Chinese Drama) allows members to showcase or learn performance skills. Having a multilingual environment also encourages students to learn more about the use of language in daily life and work.

Furthermore, the CCS reaches out to students who struggle with the Chinese language through the H1 Chinese Language Peer Support programme, carried out during the A-Level Chinese Oral examination period. Through one-on-one peer consultations, members help students (member or non-member) improve their skills in the language while encouraging a multilingual lifestyle to all.

Past achievements

The CCS has organised annual school events well-known by all students. Events such as the AC CNY Celebrations and The voice of ACJC Chinese songs competitions have become part of ACJC’s school traditions, and are anticipated by all every year.

In the CCS’s aim to motivate students to step out of their comfort zones in learning, members often participate in performance competitions themselves, regardless of internal or external events. The skills picked up by members have brought them opportunities to perform in school-wide concerts and the SYF competitions.

Additional information

The teacher-in-charge of the CCS, Mdm Wu Ching Ping, is a dedicated and well-experienced teacher who is passionate about educating students about the Chinese language and culture. She is also adored by the members for her care and thoughtfulness towards students in the CCS, always keeping a lookout for the well-being of all members and lending an ear to all opinions.

Mdm Wu constantly encourages members to learn endlessly and seeks out different opportunities for members to explore their interests to the best of her abilities. Thanks to her efforts, CCS members enjoy great flexibility in organising and carrying out CCA activities.