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Track and Field

ACJC Track and Field is known traditionally not only for its ability to achieve excellent results, but also for its niche at developing athletes, some of whom have little track experience, into confident and motivated individuals. In recent years, ACJC Track and Field’s medalists for the Nationals events have also included those who are new to the sport which emphasizes the holistic nature of its training program.

For a CCA that is generally individual-centered in nature, the ACJC Track and Field family is well-bonded in an inclusive, affirming and supportive environment where the values developed during training and competitions translate into the well-rounded development of its athletes both as students and members of society. Each year, ACJC Track and Field will perform meaningful Values In Action (VIA) programs with organizations such as MINDS and Willing Hearts to further inculcate positive values that will benefit members on and off the field. Despite the COVID pandemic, ACJC Track and Field continued to conduct online training sessions that were thoroughly enjoyed by the team, and even participated in a VIA initiative for needy households. With the relaxation of social distancing measures and the resumption of the Track and Field National School Games (NSG) Championships in 2022, the team performed respectably in the Championships while relishing the revival of in-person training sessions. This ability to adapt and excel further embodies ACJC Track and Field’s motto: We don’t stop at the finish line.