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College Rules and Regulations


The College believes that every student is able to achieve self-discipline. Our approach and rules are guided by several principles, and these include:
  • Alignment with College Vision, Mission and Values.
  • Fairness and consistency.
  • Proportionality.
  • Upholding the needs and interests of the College community.

The goals of our disciplinary approach are to:
  • Nurture personal responsibility and self-discipline so that our students make responsible decisions.
  • Foster a conducive environment for teaching and learning.

We believe that student reflection is important, so that our students can reflect on the impact that their actions have on others, and nurture greater self-management. To encourage student reflection, we engage students through the W.A.R.M. strategy – W (What happened), A (Affect), R (Reflect and Repair), M (Moving Forward).


  1. All students must be punctual for College, classes, games and other College activities and events.

  1. No students may leave the College premises during College hours without the permission of the Principal or Vice-Principal, any teacher-in-charge of discipline or class teacher.

  1. Absence from College shall only be permitted when it is supported by
    1. A letter of excuse from the parent/guardian for a period not exceeding one day, or
    2. A medical certificate for a period of two or more consecutive days.

  1. Students who have 5% or more absenteeism may be barred from sitting for the year end examinations or asked to leave the College.

  1. No student may leave a lesson without the prior permission of the teacher-in-charge.


  1. Attendance is compulsory for morning assembly.

  1. All assemblies and dismissals from assemblies shall be executed in accordance with the prescribed plan.

  1. Flag-raising ceremonies will be held at 8.00 am every weekday except Tuesday. Flag-raising on Tuesdays will be at 8.20 am. All students will assemble in the Auditorium / LT1 by 8.00 am every weekday (except Tuesday), and by 8.20 am on Tuesdays.
    1. Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
    2. After dismissal, students will leave the assembly area in an orderly manner to lectures / tutorials or other lessons.

  1. College assemblies and Chapel services will be conducted in the Auditorium. Silence and good conduct must be observed by all students.

  1. Dismissal from classes for recess or from the College shall be effected only by the teacher-in-charge.

  1. No student may leave the College premises without permission until after 12.20 pm or the last lesson, whichever is later. For Wednesdays, the earliest dismissal time is 2 pm.


  1. All students are expected to participate in at least 1 official College CCA and 1 VIA.

  1. All students are required to report for games or other CCA/VIA punctually.

  1. Students must refer to the College notice boards for all activities (e.g. games and societies).

  1. No student is allowed to play for outside teams or organisations without the prior permission of the Principal.


  1. Visitors must register at the Security Post (at the front gate) and make inquiries at the College Office before going to other parts of the College.

  1. No visitor is allowed to see or contact a student without prior permission of the Principal/Vice-Principal.

  1. Vandalism and littering are prohibited. It is the duty of every student to keep the College premises and College field clean.

  1. When reporting to the College on weekends and during school vacations, students are required to be properly attired in College T-shirts, College bottoms (trousers or skirts) and shoes. No slippers and sandals are allowed.

  1. The College badge must be worn at all times.

  1. Students are advised not to carry excessive sums of money and/or expensive articles.

  1. Students are to use the College lifts at levels 1 and 5 only. No student is allowed to use the lifts immediately after dismissal from morning assemblies and chapels.

  1. No student is allowed to:
    1. Enter stores, laboratories, workrooms, staff rooms, the Teachers’ Lounge or the office of the Heads of Department without permission.
    2. Sit on desks or railings and ledges;
    3. Use a handphone/camera during lessons unless permission is given by the teacher. In the event of electronic devices used without permission, the teachers will enforce the following:
      1. Students will be told to keep away the electronic device.
      2. Students will be asked to place their electronic device on the Teacher’s table until the end of the lesson if they are unable to exercise self-control.

  1. All food must be consumed in the canteen and the void deck, and all used plates, bowls and cutlery must be returned to the receptacles provided for this purpose. No food is to be brought out of the canteen and the void deck.

  1. Smoking is prohibited by law.

  1. All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

  1. No card games are allowed in the College.

  1. Students are required to observe special rules in laboratories, library and CCAs.


Demerit point system
The penalty for infringement of any of the above rules and regulations will take the form of a demerit point system, where demerit points will be given accordingly. Points issued will range from 1 to 12 accumulated over the time spent in ACJC.

All teachers are responsible for implementing the system in their roles as disciplinarians. They will issue on-the-spot correction as an initial measure. In the event that the student fails to abide by the rule, the teacher will then issue demerit points according to the guide given in the following table. Teachers are to report all infringements of rules and regulations to the Vice-Principal or any of the Discipline Masters/Mistresses who will then deal accordingly with the recalcitrant student.

As a guide, the following is a list of offences and the respective demerit points:

Offence Points
1 Late for school 1*
2 Absent from class without a valid reason 1
3 Improper dress code for various College activities/functions 1
4 Long hair/untidy hairstyles 1
5 Failure to comply with specific instructions 1
6 Absent from college without a valid reason 1
7 Leaving college without prior permission from the Principal/Vice-Principal/DM/Class teacher before stipulated times 3
8 Misconduct (i.e. rude/defiance, talking in the library, eating/drinking outside canteen area, rowdy behaviour or any such conduct unacceptable to an atmosphere for study and learning, inappropriate social media posts, and so on) 1-3
9 Littering and failure to return empty plates and cutlery to receptacles. 1
10 Dishonesty i.e. incessant lying, plagiarism, cheating in exams/test, falsifying reports, documents and certificates. 6-12
11 Failure to show proper conduct at flag raising ceremony or absence from college functions without valid reason. 12
12 Vandalism and graffiti 12
13 Smoking/consumption of drugs/glue sniffing 12
14 Stealing 12
15 Extortion and threatening behaviour 12

* One demerit point for every three late-comings.

Certain measures will be taken when a student accumulates the following number of points:
  • 5 points onwards – Parents/Guardians will be notified.
  • 9 points onwards – Suspension from classes up to a maximum of 7 days.
  • 12 points – Dismissal from College. No testimonial will be issued to the student at the end of his/her two years in the College.

While the above demerit points serve as a guide to the College’s implementation of the system, the Principal reserves the sole right to issue the points as and when she deems fit, according to the severity of the offence.


  1. Students are to wear the prescribed College uniform and no modification to the uniform is allowed.
    (Please refer to the dress codes listed below.)

Dress No. 1 :  Formal Attire (Performing a service during all College functions)

Boys Girls
Cream trousers Cream skirts
White long-sleeved shirt White long-sleeved blouse
College blazer and tie
College blazer and tie
Plain black leather shoes and long black socks Plain black leather court shoes (no high heels)

Dress No.2 :  College uniform and tie, black leather shoes and long black socks for boys and black leather court shoes for girls. Minimum for students who are performing a service at functions held at the college, other than college functions.
Dress No.3 : College uniform for formal classroom activities. (Refer to Point 2 below)
Dress No.4 :  P.E. / Fatigue attire: Compulsory. Yellow T-shirt and navy blue shorts. White socks and running shoes.
Dress No.5 :  For informal classroom activities, spectators at games, weekends and school holidays. College T-shirt, trousers/skirts and shoes. No slippers or sandals allowed.
Games attire : Students participating in CCA may wear their approved CCA T-shirt/ training attire. Proper footwear is expected to be worn for the respective facility. Only approved jerseys or attire, bearing the College crest and colours, are allowed during the Inter-School competitions.

Collegiate Day Attire: Approved T-shirt (Collegiate, House, Orientation, and P.E.), trousers/skirts and shoes.

  1. The dress code for daily classroom activities is Dress Code 3, as follows:-
    1. Boys - White shirt and navy blue trousers straight-cut, in accordance with the approved style shown in figure, plain white/navy blue socks and low-cut sport shoes (no metallic or neon coloured sports shoes).
    2. Girls - White blouse with short-sleeved, navy blue knee-length skirt, A-line; not more than 2cm above kneecap; approved style shown in figure, ankle-length plain white/navy blue socks and low-cut, sports shoes (no metallic or neon coloured sports shoes).
    3. Shirt/blouse must always be tucked in.

Female-Front-View.gif Female-Side-View.gif
Male-Front-View.gif Male-Side-View.gif

  1. All boys must keep their hair neat and tidy with a slope at the rear from the natural hair line with no side-burn/duck tail. Boys are not allowed to keep a moustache or a beard.
  2. All girls must keep hair neat and simple. Long hair must be plaited or tied up. Hair accessories must not be conspicuous.
  3. Dyed or highlighted hair is not allowed for both boys and girls.
  4. No ornament or jewelry is allowed for both boys and girls. Only one pair of small, plain and simple ear-studs is allowed for girls.
  5. No student is allowed any personal adornment which does not serve an immediate and prescribed functional purpose.
  6. Students are only allowed to wear any one of the following:
    • ACJC pullover
    • ACJC Collegiate jacket
    • ACJC CCA jacket
    • Plain (no markings and prints) jacket/ sweater/ pullover in dark blue, dark red or black only.