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Student Leadership


We believe that every student has leadership potential, as leadership is about one’s disposition, and not simply one’s position.

Our vision for all students is therefore to learn to ‘Lead the Self’ and ‘Lead Others’, so that our students may learn to exemplify both personal and community leadership. Through this, we aim to nurture leaders who are grounded in ethics, and who will endeavour to make a difference in their community.


We believe that student voice and empowerment are important, and that students learn best in active, authentic and reflective ways.

In line with this, our approach towards leadership development comprises a range of modes: formal lessons and workshops for students to learn more about their strengths and those of others, opportunities to lead others in small teams, and experiential learning to challenge students to apply their learning in different contexts.


In pursuit of our vision, our approach broadly includes:

Leadership Developmental Programmes:

  • Leadership electives for all students
  • Leadership lessons for all students
  • Workshops for student leaders (e.g. Class Committee, House Captains, CCA Leaders, Students’ Council)
  • Leadership camp for student leaders

Leadership Developmental Opportunities

  • Formal leadership appointments (e.g. Class Committee, House Captains, CCA Leaders, Students’ Council)
  • College activities / events
  • Student-initiated projects
  • Community Involvement Projects (local and overseas)