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Sexuality Education

Growing Years Programme 

The following lessons from the Growing Years Programme will be taught:


UNIT LESSONS / DURATION Lesson Objectives At the end of the lesson, students will be able to: TIME PERIOD
The Real Self (Part 3) 1
(60 mins)
    • analyse the impact of one’s self-perception on one’s behaviour
    • recognise that some messages in the media have sexual connotations and reflect ideals or stereotypes
    • evaluate messages that promote casual sexual activity among adolescents
    • recognise that the media has a tendency to inaccurately reflect the effort needed to nurture and maintain relationships

Term 3
about Love
(Part 6)
(60 mins)
    • know that love is a commitment and it is not the same as having feelings of attraction
    • appreciate the importance of balanced roles, self-respect and mutual respect in the healthy development of relationships
    • recognise that differences in values, goals, and expectations may become challenges and /or lead to conflicts in the relationship
    • know the different styles of conflict management and acquire effective techniques of conflict management in a romantic relationship
Term 3
about Love
(Part 6)
(60 mins)
    • appreciate that abstinence is to be cherished and is contingent on the exercise of self-control
    • examine and empathise with the dilemma of an unwanted pregnancy faced by an unmarried couple
    • appreciate that one’s beliefs on abortion is influenced by one’s religion, culture and values.
    • recognise that an abortion can have severe effects
    • evaluate one’s own beliefs about STIs/HIV/AIDS and the need to treat all individuals with respect and dignity
    • recognise that there is a tendency to underestimate one’s own vulnerability
Term 3


UNIT LESSONS / DURATION Lesson Objectives At the end of the lesson, students will be able to: TIME PERIOD
Lessons about Love (Part 7) 4
(60 mins)
    • identify signs of an unhealthy dating relationship and the early indications of a breakdown of relationship
    • appreciate that one can emerge stronger despite having gone through a breakup
    • explore beliefs about marriage
    • know the possible psychological impact on children experiencing parental separation or divorce
    • recognise the importance of having family support for a relationship
    • aspire to develop similar enduring character traits and qualities that one would consider in a life partner
    • appreciate that marriage is a lifetime commitment and that there will be challenges in marriage as in any other relationships
Term 2
Lessons about Love (Part 7) 5
(60 mins)
    • recognise that personal decisions on how one displays own affections in public can affect others
    • discern the impact of new media on relationship building
Term 2
NA 6
(60 mins)
    • This will be a culminating formative assessment task for students to consolidate what they have learnt from the previous lessons.
Term 2

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eTeens Programme:

At Anglo-Chinese Junior College, the following programme will be implemented as follows:

Topics/Lessons Programme Learning Objectives Time Period
Mass Talk by HPB appointed vendor
    • Awareness of the different STI and HIV
    • Modes of transmission for STI and HIV
    • Modes of protection against infection, specifically abstinence and the correct use of condom
    • Consequences and impact of STI/HIV
    • State the ways of managing the challenges of the impact
To be confirmed

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Venues for these lessons will be announced during morning assembly. You can also visit the Pastoral Care noticeboard for information on this.

For more information and enquires, you may approach the following teachers from the CCE and PCC Department.

Mr Leong Jenn Yeoong (HOD Room)
Mr Calvin Xie (Subject Heads Room)
Mrs Julie Lye (Counselling Room)