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Pastoral Care and Counselling


Pastoral care and counselling aims to meet the social and emotional developmental needs of students by:

·       Inculcating values that promote personal well-being

·       Learning to be a positive receiver and contributor within an environment of care

·       Building confidence through personal awareness

·       Acquiring high levels of social-emotional competencies and lifeskills in managing various aspects of development as a young adult

·       Intervention and restoration for vulnerable students through counselling

The above aims will holistically enable students to cope with personal, social and academic challenges.


1.      Pastoral care and counselling are provided through an interweaved network of staff in various capacities, including Form Tutors, Subject Tutors, CCA Teachers, as well as key personnel from the School Management team.

2.      A culture of care among peers is also established through partnership with student leaders and Class Welfare Representatives.

3.      Pastoral Care involves taking a student-centered approach in developing programmes that are customised to the profile of students at ACJC.

4.      One on one counselling support is offered by referral or initiated by student.


·       Lifeskill lessons (College values, Tenacious mindset)

·       Sexuality education

·       StrengthsFinder workshop

·       Peer support initiatives

·       Class Welfare Representative trainings