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Higher Education and Career Guidance

Higher Education and Career Guidance (HECG) at ACJC serves two objectives.

·         To empower ACJC students with information and knowledge to make responsible decisions with regards to higher education and career choices

·         To engage teachers and parents to help students make responsible decisions regarding higher education and career choices.

Our programmes support students in achieving a better understanding of their career self-concept, clarify their choices and make plans towards actualizing their choices.

Major aspects of the programme include

1.    Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Counselling

2.    HECG Co-curricular Programme

3.    Job Experience Programme

4.    Local university admission and post 'A' level pathways

5.    Scholar Development Programme

6.    Scholarship application matters

7.    Overseas university applications

8.    Communication with students, alumni and parents

Resources for ACJC Students

HECG Resources for ACJC students

ACJC CCP Google Site (accessible to ACJC students only)

Overseas university applications

The briefing slides for the UCAS 2022 application cycle can be downloaded here:
UCAS 2022.pdf

The briefing materials for the US Common Application 2021 can be downloaded here:
Common App 2020-2021 briefing.pdf