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The ManiAC site is undergoing a make-over. Please bear with us while we undergo a timely make-over as we upgrade to a new site. We would like to thank and acknowledge the silent, insightful observant students of ACJC who filled the school blog, ManiAC with enriching articles and student musings for the past 10 years. The new site will soon be launched as ACsPRESSions. It is a site for students, by students, where student expressions and thoughts are given tangibility.  ACsPRESSions is a student blog which aims to capture the dynamism college life. It will continue to serve as the voice of ACJC student writers who express and ponder on an ACSian education in myriad ways. In addition to serving as a platform for student expressions on social issues, art, films, books and college life, some of which are guaranteed to make you smile in an unexpected moment of honest agreement, the site also serves to highlight key college events covered by the AC PRESS, consisting of a team of student writers and reporters who are dedicated to sharpening the craft of writing. 

An ACJC site for students, by students, brought to you by the AC PRESS.