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Humanities Scholarship Programme

The Ministry of Education (MOE) established the sixth Humanities Programme centre at the Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) to nurture talent in the humanities. The programme includes the Humanities Scholarships, which are offered by the Ministry of Education to encourage outstanding students to study the humanities at the pre-university level under the Humanities Programme.

The Anglo-Chinese Junior College has a strong commitment to offering the Humanities Programme. The college has had a consistent track record of MOE Humanities Scholars and an established tradition of excellence in English Literature, English Language and the Arts. In recognition of this commitment, the college has been designated the West Zone Centre for Excellence in Language Arts.

As part of the college’s holistic Humanities Programme, the college is also an official centre for three MOE elective programmes: the Drama Elective Programme, the Music Elective Programme, and the English Language Elective Programme.