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Year-End Science Fun 2022

The Science department lined up a series of enrichment opportunities as part of the Year-End Science (Y.E.S.) Fun for students to learn more about real-life applications of Science after the Promotional Examinations and the completion of Project Work. 

These included an in-house workshop on the calculation of heat diffusion coefficient when baking the perfect chocolate lava cake.

Picture 1 Chocolate Lava Cake.JPG
Chocolate Lava Cake Workshop

The College also conducted three learning journeys to iFLY, Fawn Labs and Kombynation. 

The learning journey to iFLY allowed each student to have 1 skydiving experience while understanding the application of physics concepts such as kinematics, forces and air resistance when an object (or a student!) hovers in a wind tunnel. 

Picture 2 iFLY.JPG
iFLY learning journey

The learning journey to Fawn Labs allowed each student to make a serum while learning about sustainability and the pharmaceutical preparations of skincare products.

Picture 3 Fawn Labs serum.jpg
Learning Journey to Fawn Labs to create a serum

The last learning journey to Kombynation allowed each student to bring home a two-litre bottle of tea and SCoBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) that will ferment and mature to form the Kombucha beverage.

Picture 4 Kombucha.JPG
Brewing our first kombucha at Kombynation

The College also invited Shiok Meats to share with us the journey and application of stem cell technology in producing cultivated meat and seafood products, a more sustainable mode of food production that contributes to Singapore's 30 by 30 food security goals through a Zoom webinar.

Picture 5 Shiok Meats.JPG
Zoom Webinar with Shiok Meats

We look forward to more science enrichment opportunities in 2023!