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On the 14th of May 2022, the Drama Elective Programme (DEP) Class of 2023 presented their first examination showcase - Theasthai.

Thanks to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the class was able to hold the showcase at the Faith Centre for Performing Arts, with their friends, schoolmates, teachers, and families in the audience. The showcase comprised a wide range of monologues, each personally selected and devised by its respective performer over the course of two months. 

DEP Students in Performance

The DEP students worked hard to analyse and reflect the truth of their characters through the Stanislavski System, taking the audience on a journey that explored a myriad of dramatic genres. The audience was given a diverse and enthralling display of rich emotional storytelling, from the hilarious self-deprecation of a lonely boy at lunchtime, to the heart-wrenching post-abortion pain and regret of a young woman.

As the DEP Class of 2023’s first examination performance, Theasthai is a testament to the diligence and passion the class has for the craft. Nevertheless, Theasthai has only scratched the surface of the class’ potential and is a heartening sign of the boundless artistic and creative growth still ahead for all of the DEP students.


Theasthai - A Team Effort

The class would like to thank our teachers – Mrs Geetha Creffield, Ms Michelle Wong and Ms Annabel Tan – and our fellow seniors for their support and guidance throughout the Theasthai process. We would also like to thank our school leaders, teachers, parents and schoolmates for supporting the showcase as lively audience members and making it as successful and memorable as it was.

To God Be The Glory, 
The Best Is Yet To Be!

Written by: 
Syrov Danil (1SA6) and Ong Jun Hao Bryan (1AA2)