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SYF 2022: ACSian Theatre's 'The Fall of Icarus'

On the 27th of April 2022, Anglo Chinese Junior College’s ACSian Theatre took flight and presented “The Fall of Icarus” for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF). We are proud to announce that our ensemble-led collaborative physical theatre showcase has achieved the Certificate of Distinction for Drama. 

“The Fall of Icarus” is a piece of physical theatre that encapsulates the story of the Greek Myth of Daedalus and his son, Icarus, who seek to escape from the prison workshop of King Minos. Looking at birds in flight, Daedalus is inspired to build wings constructed of feathers and wax. Father and son escape Minos’ prison, but Icarus flies too close to the sun and falls to a tragic death as his wings melt under the heat of the sun’s rays. 

This performance would not have been possible without the commitment and discipline of the cast in their rehearsals. As a cast, we learned the importance of truthful storytelling and the power of sharing a collective vision in performing a fervent and powerful performance.

Flying Close to the Sun

The achievement of the Certificate of Distinction for Drama would be impossible without the guidance of our ever-supportive teachers, alumni and fellow peers who never fail to cheer us on in our endeavours as ACSian Theatre. This opportunity has allowed for unforgettable bonds to be forged, indispensable lessons to be learnt, and dreams to take flight. 

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our teachers, Mrs Geetha Creffield, Ms Michelle Wong, Ms Annabel Tan, Mr Tobias Teo, Mr Jeremy Wong and Mdm Baljeet Kaur, for your unending support and to our choreographer, Dr Filomar Tariao Cortezano, for your passion and dedication. 

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Our sterling Cast and Crew

ACSian Theatre is proud to be able to soar in our adaptation of “The Fall of Icarus”. 

To God be the Glory,
The Best is Yet To Be!

Awdy Angelina Apriliyani