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Science Week 2022

The Science department sets aside a week annually in Term 2 in which the lectures and practical sessionsallow students to explore real-life applications in relevant scientific fields and spark their joy in learning in the sciences. Science Week 2022 was held from 4th – 8th April. We launched the virtual Innovation and Research Fair during this week, in which all students could view the videos created by our JC2 research students to learn about the projects that they have been working on in 2021 and submitted for various research competitions such as the 2022 Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) and the 2022 International Elementz Fair (IEF).

For the special Science Week lectures, Biology students carried out microscopy of samples of fermented food (kimchi, Yakult and kombucha), as well as on samples that they have brought from home (such as fish tank water, pond water, dirt etc.). They also conducted gram staining to view the slides under the microscope to determine if the bacteria found in their samples were gram-positive or gram-negative.

Picture 1.jpg
Students carrying out gram-staining

JC1 Chemistry students investigate the relative strengths of intermolecular forces of attraction, using a variety of organic alcohols, as well as food dyes containing sorbitol and sugar. Our JC2 Chemistry students explored spherification, one of the techniques in molecular gastronomy. Physics students used the smartphone app Phyphox to conduct experiments during science week. 

Sci Wk Picture 2.JPG
Students carrying out spherification

In addition, there were special guest lecturers from NParks and A*STAR. Dr. Wang Ruohan from A*STAR shared about machine learning and how it impacts video game bots, customer chatbot and computer-assisted drug discovery. Dr. Matias Caldez shared about hepatic diseases, liver metabolism and regeneration. Ms Kelly Tan, Ms Goh Wei Xuan and Ms Alyssa Li from NParks lectured about Singapore’s efforts in conserving local marine turtles as well as coral reefs. 

Through these special practicals and guest lectures, we hope our students found the learning enriching and fun. We look forward to next year’s Science Week!