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SAF Young Leaders' Award

The SAF Young Leader Award (SYLA) is a book prize which recognises students who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership qualities through their CCAs as well as a strong passion for defence-related matters. The award seeks to motivate students and inspire them in their journey in becoming our future leaders. Recipients of the SYLA will also have the opportunities to visit MINDEF/SAF establishments and units, as well as understand the career prospects in MINDEF/SAF. 

Our College is proud to announce that we have two SYLA recipients this year: Lim Yao En Sean (2SC1) and Alexandra Ci Hui Sing Scholefield (2SA5). 

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Group Photo for the SAF Young Leaders Award Presentation Ceremony held during school assembly on 20 July 2022. From left to right: Dr Shirleen Chee, Alexandra Scholefield, Sean Lim and COL Chong Shi Hao

Our recipients, Sean and Alexandra, share their reflections on receiving the SAF Young Leaders Award:

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“I am honoured to be a recipient of the SAF Young Leader Award. Through the award process, I have gained a deeper insight and appreciation of the imperative role SAF plays in Singapore. We had the opportunity to visit Tuas Naval Base, where we interacted with servicemen and women and also had the chance to embark on a Littoral Mission Vessel. Moreover, the Case Study segment also broadened my views on Singapore's defence landscape and how we as individuals have a responsibility to contribute.”

- Lim Yao En Sean, 2SC1 Class of 2022

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“Applying for the SAF Young Leaders Award gave me the opportunity to understand more about Singapore’s defense forces. The case study segment, where applicants worked in groups to prepare videos, exposed me to different perspectives on the principles by which the SAF should be run. Visiting Tuas Naval Base and exploring a Littoral Mission Vessel allowed me to see what daily service might be like for Navy officers. I am grateful for this opportunity and honoured to receive the SAF Young Leaders Award.”

- Alexandra Ci Hui Sing Scholefield, 2SA5 Class of 2022