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Pixel Labs: Lions Home School Video Competition 2022

Delve into the alleyways of Chinatown and sneak a peek of what olden Singapore was like! 
ACJC Pixel Labs took part in the Lions Home School Video Competition 2022 in early 2022, organised by Lions Home For The Elders. The team comprised Melody Chew (2SB4), Darren Lee (2SC3), Laxshan Seharan (2SB1), Jai Ganesh (2SB3), Mah Wen Jie (2SB1), Natalie Yeo (2SC2), Ong Si Ying (2SB3) and Sean Hoe (2SA1).
Assembly Photo 1.JPG
From left: Melody (on-screen), Si Ying, Laxshan, Darren, Jai, Wen Jie, Natalie and Sean being presented with prizes during assembly
The result was announced in April 2022 after careful consideration by a panel of judges and voting by the residents of Lions Home Bishan and Bedok. We are pleased to report that we have emerged victorious among 39 entries. Together with two student representatives (Darren and Sean), our teacher-in-charge (TIC), Mrs Elaine Yong, attended the prize presentation ceremony graced by Lion Loh Yan Poh (Volunteer Social Outreach Chairman), Mr Christopher Teo (Deputy CEO), and Ms Patsy Pang (Director of Nursing). We would like to thank Lions Home For The Elders for the invaluable opportunity!
If you would like to check out the video, do head to this website. 
Lions Home Prize Presentation.jpg
From left: ACJC Representatives - Sean, Darren and Mrs Elaine Yong (TIC) - with Lion Loh Yan Poh (Volunteer Social Outreach Chairman), Mr Christopher Teo (Deputy CEO) and Ms Patsy Pang (Director of Nursing)
The team, led by Melody, conceptualised the video for the theme “Singapore’s Colourful Story”, exploring the culturally rich alleys of Chinatown. To showcase the Singaporean Colours, the team decided to feature the historical art murals in Chinatown which resonated with the older generation of Singaporeans. Through the featuring of the art murals, our team also aimed to evoke a sense of appreciation for the local talent, particularly the artworks of Singaporean artist Yip Yew Chong. The time put into planning, filming, and editing has indeed paid off, as they have reaped the fruits of their labour.
To find out more about our CCA, do follow us @acjc.pixellabs on Instagram!
To God Be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be!
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From left: Wen Jie, Jai, Sean, Darren, Laxshan, Mrs Choo Hong Kiang (VP Education) Ms Jaime Yee (VP Administration), Mrs Elaine Yong (TIC), Si Ying, Natalie and Melody
Fun Shot after Assembly O.jpg

 From left: Sean, Darren, Wen Jie, Laxshan, Mrs Elaine Yong (TIC), Jai, Si Ying, Natalie and Melody

Written by Jerome Yeoh
Photographic credits: 
Assembly Photo 1.jpg (Jerome Yeoh)
Assembly Photo 2.jpg (Mr Mark Ng)
Fun Shot after Assembly.jpg (Jerome Yeoh)
Lions Home Prize Presentation.jpg (Lions Home For The Elders)