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International Biomedical Quiz 2022

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The ACJC Science and Mathematics Council organised the 11th International Biomedical Quiz 2022 on 6th April 2022. This year's theme was Oncology. More than 1000 participants completed the quizzes online and the top 6 JC teams based on the highest combined scores entered the Final Round. A live broadcast of the Final Round was conducted over Zoom. 
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ACJC sent in 3 teams of 4 students each to participate in the competition. Our participants have been trained by Ms Li Jiaqi, a final year Medical student currently studying at Cambridge. We are proud to announce that our participants achieved outstanding results with 5 Golds, 4 Silvers and 1 Bronze:
Goh Jwee Khiang Marcus (2SB2)
Yue Zhiyang, Nicholas (2SC1)
Chiun Kai Xi, Ewan (2SC1)
Soo Qiao Jun (2SC2)
Wynne Lim (2SC7)
Erica Loh E-Wen (2SC1)
Jerald Ong Jie Le (2SC1)
Ashvin S/O Ravindran (2SC1)
Goh En-Han Samuel (2SC3)
Chloe Esturas Cadag (2SC2)
In addition, the team comprising Yue Zhiyang, Nicholas, Chiun Kai Xi, Ewan, Goh En-Han Samuel and Jerald Ong Jie Le, entered the Final Round and attained 4th Runner’s Up in the 11th IBQ 2022. Our participants are grateful to our trainer, Ms Li Jiaqi for her patience and guidance throughout the months of training.
To God Be the Glory, The Best Is Yet To Be!