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CulminatioCulminatio this year celebrated the dedication to artistic excellence shown by the Drama Elective Programme (DEP) Class of 2022. Meaning climax in Latin, Culminatio is a showcase of the performances the class had been preparing and devising since 2021. The class put on two performances for the show, and these performances highlight the talent and versatility that can be found in the DEP Class.

Culminatio in Performance

The evening began with a series of mishaps in Henry Lewis’, Henry Shields’ and Jonathan Sayer’s The Play That Goes Wrong. This play within a play has actors bumbling about, knocking props over, forgetting lines, and even knocking multiple cast members unconscious – to the amusement of the audience. The wittiness and comic timing of the performance left the audience in stitches by the time the curtains closed.

Next, we journeyed back to the Holocaust, where And a Child Shall Lead showed us the how children captured by the German Nazis suffered the horrors of the Terezin Concentration Camp. Written by Michael Slade, the heart-wrenching story follows five children in the ‘Jewish City’ of Terezin, bravely documenting their lives and experiences at the risk of execution. In the face of a bleak reality and inescapable oppression, these children use their creativity and determination to envision and build lives full of hope and truth.

The DEP Class of 2022

With the return of live performances, this year’s Culminatio was open to the public and saw an amazing turnout by friends and family. The class extends their deepest gratitude to the Principals, Teachers, Coaches and Alumni for their unwavering support of the Class of 2022. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 for their wonderful performances!  

To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be!