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Alice in Wonderland- An Immersive Experience

ACJC’s Drama Elective Programme (DEP) is a vibrant community of students, teachers and alumni who are committed to discovering and developing engaging modes of learning, an integral part of ACJC's programmes as the West Zone Centre of Excellence for the Language Arts.

In February 2022, JC2 DEP students participated in an immersive experience that took them down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland. Playing the iconic characters of Lewis Carroll’s beloved stories, the class returned to the Faith Centre for Performing Arts stage for a socially-distanced interactive lesson.   

Using innovative theatre practices from immersive theatre, this student learning experience provided the space for student actors to experiment through the process of improvisation. Prior to the experience, students were given a character write-up which summarised the key traits of the fantastical characters of Wonderland. Students and teachers changed into the costumes of the various characters, including the hot-tempered Queen of Hearts, the zany Mad Hatter, the sleepy Dormouse and the curious Alice. 

While in character, students had to improvise responses and dialogue for the scenarios they were placed into, such as the need for a permit to host a tea party, a judge who had no idea about legal proceedings, and a queen who wanted to chop off all of their heads. Building on each other’s quick thinking, this was a collaborative experience with much fun, laughter and wild jokes.

It was truly a fascinating immersive experience, proving once more the DEP students' adaptability to the craft of theatre in non-traditional formats and to pedagogy that has evolved in step with the needs of the times! We would like to thank all our passionate stakeholders who have had a hand in crafting this successful experience!