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ACJC Canoeing 2022

ACJC Canoeing finished overall 3rd in the A Division Girls' competition and overall 4th in the A Division Boys' competition in the 2022 Canoeing National School Games (NSG) held April 4-6 at Macritchie Reservoir. 

ACJC Canoeing NSG Pix 1.jpeg

The 2022 ACJC Canoeing Team poses with the School Leaders

In the canoeing fraternity's first NSG since 2019, ACJC was represented in all 17 finals. Some of our experienced canoeists were among the standouts. Cohen Seah of 1AD2 came in second in the A Boys’ K1 500m final and fourth in the longer 1000m final. Faith Lam of 2SC7 finished third and fourth in the finals for the A Girls’ K1 500m and K1 1000m, respectively. 

ACJC Canoeing NSG Pix 2.jpeg

Team ACJC’s medal haul from the 2022 Canoeing NSG

We want to celebrate our team’s achievements given the bulk of the team were beginners when they joined at the start of JC1, and were competing against competitors who have been training five to six years! Many of our paddlers clocked personal best times after effectively only having about six months of training due to various disruptions due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

Other than physical conditioning and water training, our paddlers learned the value of consistent hard work and the importance of discipline and integrity in battling tenaciously through self-doubt and expanding their physical, emotional, and psychological limits. We would like to congratulate all the canoeists for fighting the good fight and demonstrating ACSian integrity, tenacity and passion!

To God be the Glory, the Best is yet to Be!

ACJC Canoeing NSG Pix 3.jpeg

Team ACJC medallists at the 2022 Canoeing National School Games competition 

By the ACJC Canoe Teacher ICs
(All photo credits: ACJC Canoeing)