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ACJC at the ICP

The International Confederation of Principals (ICP) is a global association that brings together school leaders from all over the world, working together to develop and support school leadership worldwide. This year, the association gathered in Singapore at the ICP Council Plus, focusing on schools for the future and how schools could adapt to better suit student needs.

On 29th October, two of our students – Syed Jalal Ahmad Gilani and Syrov Danil – took part in this year’s ICP Council Plus. Along with four other students from Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution, they were a part of the Student Voice segment of the meeting, where they answered questions and gave their personal input on the future of schools. 

Expertly moderated by Jalal, the panel of students discussed complex issues, such as equity in opportunity, political influence on student organisations and the nature and function of education as a whole. The principals, whose countries of origin ranged from Ghana to Ireland, were appreciative of the depth and maturity of the discussion, as well as the eloquence and confidence of the student panel, taking away many valuable ideas and questions to further discuss and interrogate in their own schools.

The experience was meaningful and enriching, as it allowed the students to voice their personal concerns and ideas to an international audience and have a real impact on school leadership. It also provided a unique opportunity for our students to connect and communicate with school leaders from around the globe, as well as work together with students from different schools, facilitating a valuable exchange of ideas and knowledge for all parties.

We would like to thank the ICP Council for graciously allowing us to participate as part of their live Student Voice, as well as our Principal, Dr Shirleen Chee, and Head of Department of Arts, Mrs Geetha Creffield, for their support and guidance throughout this invaluable learning experience.

To God Be The Glory,
The Best Is Yet To Be!

Danil Syrov