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Y.E.S. Fun

Year-End Science (Y.E.S.) Fun 2021

The Science department organised a series of gACstronomic workshops, webinar and a learning journey to engage students in Year-End Science (Y.E.S.) Fun after their Promotional Examinations and Project Work were completed.

Students learned about the scientific concepts behind the ingredients and steps as they made Chocolate Truffles, and baked Chocolate Lava Cakes and Chiffon Cakes in a gACstronomic series of workshops. They learnt about hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces and interactions in making smooth truffles, heat diffusion coefficients in the velvety core of the lava cake as well as observing the foams from whipping the meringue under the microscope before baking the chiffon cake.

 gACstronomic workshops

Staff and students also had the opportunity to take an exclusive in-person learning journey to Insect Feed Technologies, and discovered how this enterprise contributes to sustainable living by farming Black Soldier Flies. 

Pictures of Black Soldier Fly visit.JPG

 Visiting Insect Feed Technologies

It was an enriching trip in which students learnt how the larvae helped to consume and reduce food waste, producing fish food and fertilisers in the process.

Finally, in the the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum's webinar “Preservation and Restoration of Museum Specimens”, students learnt about the various techniques used in preserving an organism for display or research purposes in the museum, as well as the restoration work of a conservator. They watched how a bird's skin is prepared, and the stuffing of a bird specimen.
We look forward to greater learning, appreciation and real-life application of scientific concepts in the upcoming year!