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Sonder III

Sonder III Virtual Art Exhibition

On 27 May 2021, we held our third annual art exhibition, entitled Sonder III, featuring works from the graduate H2 Art students of the year 2019–2020, as well as various works by art club members produced in 2020–2021.

Sonder is the realisation that each passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as our own. Through this exhibition, we hope to give audiences a look into the inner worlds of artists; our individual experiences of the past year, as well as our hopes for the years to come. We also aspire to use this platform to allow audiences to gain better self-awareness, the people around them and even issues that surround the world today. 

Despite the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, Sonder III took place online as a virtual art exhibition curated entirely by the following art club members:

Leo Caleb (2SB2)
Tan Yun Ning Germayne (2MD4)
Owen Sebastian (2SA2)
KJ Azhaghia Aadhirai (1SC7)
Suhaila Tahani (1SC6)
Hua Yee Meredith (1SB2)
Chionh Yee Ting (1AA2)

You may view the exhibition online at this link.