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Elementz Fair

ACJC participated in the 22nd International Elementz Fair 2021, which was organised by Anderson-Serangoon Junior College. Five projects were submitted, of which four were shortlisted for the Final Judging Round on 20th April. 

We are pleased to announce our achievements for the Fair.

Gold Award:

Libut Jaztynn Phoemela Barairo (2SC1) (above) together with her teammates (Chua Yong Liang and Sampson Bong Shun Hoong from RVHS) received the Gold award for a project on “Vision-Based Intelligence towards Self-Driving Vehicles”.

Silver Awards:
Yusen.jpgJia Qing.jpg
Liang Yusen (2SA5) and Lee Jia Qing (2SB2) (right) received the Silver Award for their project on “Future of Solar Energy: Global optimization of all Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells through Artificial Intelligence”

Aaron Wee Zhi Rong (2MD1) (right) received the Silver Award for his project on “Simulations of Periodic Lens Panels for Even Distribution of Light in Vertical Farms”

Bronze Award
Enzo.jpgEnzo Chung Yi Xuan (2SB1) (right) received the Bronze Award for his project on “Online Task Assignment”


For their project on “An evaluation on the object detection performance of DETR for remote sensing”, One Jia Cheng (2SA4) and Teoh Jian Jia (2SB1) received a Commendation.

We would like to thank the project mentors: Professor Marcelo H Ang Jr, Dr Xue Hansong, Dr Johnathan Yik, Mr Leow Sheng Hua, and Dr Zhang Zhiyong, Melvin for their invaluable guidance and patience as our students embarked on their research projects.

To God Be The Glory, The Best Is Yet To Be!