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2021 Science Olympiads

ACJC participated in the 33rd Singapore Chemistry Olympiad, 34th Singapore Physics Olympiad and the 22nd Singapore Biology Olympiad in 2021. We are pleased to announce our medalists in these competitions.

Our students won 3 Silver and 4 Bronze medals, as well as 2 Merit awards in the 33rd Singapore Chemistry Olympiad (SChO):

SChO Silver Medalists:
1. Joseph Chan Chern En (2SA1)
2. Loke Ngai Ming Benjamin (2MD1)
3. Max Tan Kia Lok (2SA1)

Joseph Ben Max.JPGFrom left to right, Joseph, Benjamin and Max

SChO Bronze Medalists:
1. Allan Kok Song Yeong (2SA1)
2. Chiun Kai Xi, Ewan (2SC1)
3. Eddrick Livando (2SB1)
4. Nguyen Truong Tung (2SC3)
Allan Ewan Eddrick Nguyen.JPG
From left to right, Allan, Ewan, Eddrick and Nguyen Truong Tung

SChO Merit awards:
1. Goh Jwee Khiang Marcus (2SB2)
2. Wilbert Christopher Kurniawan (2SA1)

Marcus and Wilbert.JPGFrom left to right, Marcus and Wilbert

Our students won a Silver medal and a Bronze medal as well as four Honourable Mentions at the 34th Singapore Physics Olympiad.

SPhO Silver Medalist:
1. Joseph Chan Chern En (2SA1)

SPhO Bronze Medalists:
1. Chen Yixun (2SA5)

Joseph and Yixun.JPGFrom left to right, Joseph and Yixun

SPhO Honourable Mentions:
1. Dylan Tay (2SA5)
2. Hoe Yat Wai Sean (2SA1)
3. Lim Wei Quan (2SB4)
4. Robert Livando (2SB1)

Dylan Sean Wei Quan and Robert.JPGFrom left to right, Dylan, Sean, Wei Quan and Robert

Brian Matthew Neelarajan from 2SC6 won a Bronze medal at the 22nd Singapore Biology Olympiad.
Brian Matthew 2SC6_22 Olympiad.jpg

The College appreciates our Science tutors for their dedication in guiding and mentoring the teams:

Singapore Chemistry Olympiad – Mr Quek Lin Ken and Mr Brandon Ang
Singapore Physics Olympiad – Mrs Fabiola Soong
Singapore Biology Olympiad – Ms Eng Tze Hwee, Ms Sun Weiling, Ms Stephanie Tan and Ms Lee Sok Ee

We are also thankful for the support of the School Leaders, form tutors, subject tutors and CCA teachers of the Olympiad participants.

To God be the Glory, the Best is yet to be!