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Singapore Science & Engineering Fair

The final judging of Singapore Science & Engineering Fair 2020 was held online from 9th March to 25th March. The SSEF 2020 is a national competition organised by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the Science Centre Singapore for students to showcase their passion in research and communicate their findings to experts from the industry in two segments. In the first segment, finalists submitted a poster and an elevator pitch. The second segment required them to submit answers to the questions posed by the expert judges.

This year, ACJC submitted 11 projects, of which 7 (some in collaboration with students from other colleges) were shortlisted for the final judging in March.

Our finalists are:

Charlotte Jane Loy (2SA2) and Kenneth Au Jeng Guan (NYJC)
Precision Polymer Synthesis and Nanotechnology

Chua Qian Yin Sarah (2SC1),   Lim Jie Yi Rachel (2SC2) and  Kayla Yong Enxin (VJC)
Understanding immune dysregulation to better characterise allergic diseases

Henry Lam Wing Ha (2SA1)
Design of a Low-Cost Dielectric Lens for 5G Gain Enhancement

Lim Yong Quan (2SC7) and Xiao Liyang (2SC1)
Computational Analysis of Cancer RNAseq Data for Presence of Circular RNA to Assist Early Detection of Multiple Myeloma

Chua Ming Wun, Joven (2SC5) and Matthew Loh (2SC2)
Effect of a high-fat diet on larval zebrafish behaviour

Su Xijia (2SA7)
Solving Scarcity of Healthcare Resources with Big Data

Zheng Shun Ren (2SA2), Tong Yi Xuan, Simon (2SA6) and Chan Yong Kai (2SA2)
Interfacial Engineering for High Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells

We are pleased to share that Henry Lam Wing Ha (pictured below) won the Bronze Award and Special Award given by Singapore Association for Advancement of Science for his project ‘Design of a Low-Cost Dielectric Lens for 5G Gain Enhancement’.

Photo of Henry Lam.jpeg
Throughout my year-long journey in A*STAR and SSEF, my research into the design of a Low-Cost Dielectric Lens for 5G Gain Enhancement has not only opened my eyes to the world of research but further fueled my passion for STEM-based research. The programme has really allowed me to understand how the knowledge that we are learning today can be used and applied to make significant changes to the world around us, changing my perception of how we learn today and how it can be utilised in the future.
While the project was initially a challenge to comprehend, my professors and peers in A*STAR were understanding and helpful throughout my time there. It is important for all aspiring researchers at AC to know that it is not as daunting as it seems. You are not alone in this journey; you will have the support of not only teachers from the College and your professors but also peers who will stick with you throughout your research journey.” – Henry Lam
We are thankful to our Science teachers who have provided guidance and advice to the research students. We will continue to support our research students through our Science Excellence Programme so that they can excel at every step of their journey as growing scientists.

To God Be The Glory, The Best Is Yet To Be!