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Nanyang Research Programme

In 2019, five ACJC students were selected for the Nanyang Research Programme (NRP), hosted by Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Research topics ranged from Mathematics and Natural Sciences to Social Sciences. After almost a year of rigorous research, the students successfully completed their projects under the mentorship of their NTU professors. We are proud to announce the following award winners from ACJC:

Andrew Sebastian Gunawan (2SB7) (with Lok Jie Bin, NUS High)

Binluo Weiyi (2MD4)
Jarryl Ng Jia Xun (2SB3)

D.Paranitharan (2SC3)

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“I think really the biggest challenge in the whole NRP process is to be self-disciplined. Be disciplined to follow the timeline discussed with the professor. Be disciplined to produce high-quality work. I really think the opportunity of NRP is precious and beneficial if used well. For me the benefits were seen very soon, in my H2 Independent Study and H3 research paper. The process of finding literature, doing analysis and drawing conclusion really just came natural to me ever since the NRP experience. I consider this as advanced learning, and I think the really beautiful thing about advanced learning is that it boosts my confidence. With this confidence, I am more daring and willing to face challenges in future studies. I hope the NRP experience will be a fruitful one for everyone taking it!”- Binluo Weiyi (2MD4)

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“During the Nanyang Research Programme, (NRP) I faced much adversity, but I also benefited from the entire experience. I had to learn things that were out of my syllabus. Overall, putting my heart into learning and having an inquisitive mindset into learning something new, made my time more enjoyable and meaningful. In conclusion, I would recommend doing something like a research programme or attachment especially during your holidays, even if you have to forgo a lot of your time to hang out with friends, I do believe the experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it is worthwhile to do something as enriching as this.”- Jarryl Ng Jia Xun (2SB3)
We are thankful to our Science teachers who have provided guidance and advice to the research students. We will continue to support our research students through our Science Excellence Programme so that they can excel at every step of their journey as growing scientists.

To God Be The Glory, The Best Is Yet To Be!