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Inventio 2020

On the 7th of September, the Anglo-Chinese Junior College’s Drama Elective Programme (DEP) Class of 2021 presented their J1 performance showcase, Inventio. This showcase celebrates the midpoint milestone of their creative journey as performers and dramatic devisers in this programme.

Starting the evening’s performances, Feathers from a Thousand Li Away brought us into the world of Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club and the struggles of first and second generation Chinese-American immigrants. The next piece, Breaking the Silence, was a play devised from the oral testimonies Khmer Rouge members and victims who had taken part in interviews at the Documentation Center of Cambodia. The night ended on a comically tragic note with Hamletta, a farcical take on Shakespeare’s gravely serious Hamlet.

Rigorously training in a pandemic year, all three groups have shown resilience and adaptability when rehearsing for this showcase. The power of authentic storytelling through dramatic performances is only possible with consistent dedication to the theatre-making process.

The DEP class of 2021 would like to thank their socially distanced but rousingly supportive audience for witnessing Inventio.