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Fun-O-Rama XXV Final Updates

Over the first months of 2020 the College was honoured to have the support and enthusiastic participation of all our stakeholders- staff, students, friends, family, and well-wishers in the preparations for Fun-O-Rama XXV. We cherish and appreciate the hard work and passion that our staff and students displayed, from the Class of 2020 who had begun their preparations in 2019, to the Class of 2021 who threw themselves into planning with enthusiasm. We are deeply grateful for the parents and other well-wishers who supported the process in their own unique ways.

Due to the cancellation of Fun-O-Rama, the College realises the need to resolve any outstanding matters with regard to coupon sales and fundraising. We would therefore like to offer the following options to anyone who has purchased coupons:

    1. Donate your coupons to the College (Donations of $100 and above are eligible for a tax-exempt receipt). You can apply for a tax exempt receipt here.
    2. Refund your coupons for their cash value. You can apply for a refund here.

The deadline for application for refunds is 27 November 2020 in order to allow for sufficient processing time before the close of the year.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to your continued support. We understand and share the disappointment of all friends, family and well-wishers at the cancellation of this iconic event but trust that as a community and a Nation we will overcome this crisis. We assure you that our Hearts, Hopes and Aims are One as we look to the future and remember that The Best is Yet to Be!