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Engineering Innovation Challenge 2020

The Engineering Innovation Challenge 2020 is jointly organised by the Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) and Science Centre Singapore with the support of the Ministry of Education and sponsored by the National Research Foundation (NRF). 

3 teams of 4 students represented ACJC in this competition, developing their project ideas involving radiation in food preparation or preservation under the guidance of 3 mentors with professional expertise in the industry: Mr Vincent Chan, Mr Mitesh Kumar and Ms Kris Tan. All 3 teams were shortlisted for the final round, to create a prototype, and a video explaining their prototype.

The Challenge was a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn outside of the classroom and apply their understanding in a real-world context. We congratulate our participants for their excellent work! Our participants and winners are:

Team J-02

Xie Tianyi (1SA1)

Jin Qingyang (1SA1)

Andrhea San Gabriel (1SA4)

Hou Yuxuan (1MD2)

J-03 with trophy.jpeg

Team J-03 with their trophy. Masks were removed momentarily for photo-taking.

Team J-03 won 2nd Runner-Up

Kay Eugenia Purnama (1MD1)

Acharya Hiteshri Piyush (1MD1)

Tan Jie Ning, Jolynn (1MD1)

Tisya Goel (1SA5)

J-04 Merit.jpeg

Team J-04. Masks were removed momentarily for photo-taking. 

Team J-04 won Merit

Liang Yusen (1SA5)

Nie Ximing (1SA5)

Chen Jiawei (1SA5)

Leo Caleb (1SB2)

Our winning teams shared their reflections on their experiences:

The Engineering Innovation Challenge has always been an interesting and fulfilling experience for our team. This competition provides us with the opportunity to create and design our own model, using the knowledge we have and information obtained from our research, to propose a solution to a problem happening in real life. It is also a perfect opportunity for us to apply the knowledge we have learnt in class in real world context and further develop our interests in STEM subjects. Through this competition, we have also acquired numerous hard and soft skills, such as researching, complex problem solving, creative thinking and interpersonal skills. These valuable lessons we have learnt will be carried along with us throughout the 2 years of JC time as well as to the future as they will pave the way for our future studies and even careers.” – Liang Yusen, team leader of J-04 Fantastic Four

The Engineering Innovation Challenge is truly an insightful and wonderful experience for all of us. Not only does it teach us to apply what we have learnt in school to address the real issue in Singapore, it also hones our critical thinking and research skills - from planning, designing, to creating our own prototype. More importantly, we have also learnt invaluable lessons throughout the challenge, such as teamwork and time management in order to ensure that we can juggle both our studies and this challenge. Lastly, the opportunity to interact with our mentors, Mr Chan, Mr Mitesh, and Ms Kris, is something that we are very thankful for. We received constructive feedbacks from them and gained meaningful insights. All in all, EIC is an eye-opening experience and we are really grateful to be part of it.” – Tan Jie Ning, Jolynn, Acharya Hiteshri Piyush, Tisya Goel, Kay Eugenia Purnama of team J-03 Gamma

To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be!