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ACJC Harp Ensemble: A Retrospective

The ACJC Harp Ensemble has been an active contributor to ACJCs vibrant performing arts scene since its inception in 2001. The addition of the Harp Ensemble to the vast repertoire of CCAs offered to students gave many a unique opportunity to learn an instrument that few have the opportunity to access, and the esteemed sponsors and supporters must be acknowledged and appreciated.

The masterful tutelage of Ms Wong Kae Chee was key in guiding the students in the creation of divine melodies for their audiences, both within and outside the college. Her faithful service to the College is entirely commendable and an inspiration to all her students.

The ACJC Harp Ensemble has helped to set the tone for many Founder’s Day services, creating soothing and divine music that compels the listener to reflect upon God’s goodness and provision for our College. The annual staging of a concert that features both classical and contemporary tunes is also a celebration of the harpists’ tenacity and passion in their pursuit of distinction in music-making. The concert guests are usually astonished that most of the harpists have only had slightly over a year’s experience with the harp because they perform above and beyond expectations. The ACJC Harp Ensemble has always been enthusiastic about sharing their music with the wider community and has staged multiple concerts in the public arena: reaching out to the lunch-time crowd, performing for the medical staff in need of some peace and serenity in their highly demanding work of caring for patients and even walked down memory’s lane with old folks through nostalgic tunes. Meaningful Values-In-Action projects which aimed to inculcate a love for music in young people and children were also planned by various batches of harpists and this challenged them to hone their project management skills. In addition, their annual performance before the start of the Teachers’ Day concert in the Hall is one that many staff members look forward to. In fact, members of the Harp Ensemble have had the unique privilege of tutoring their teachers in the basics of harp playing during Professional Development electives!

The ACJC Harp Ensemble also recognises the importance of partnership and has been privileged to work with other performing arts CCAs in the performance of diverse pieces to celebrate the end of the academic year and raise funds for a charity. In all these concerts, the objective has always been to put their best foot forward and acquaint audience members with the unique sound of the harp. Through their time in the Harp Ensemble, the students learnt the skills of people management, time management, event planning and most importantly, cultivated an attitude of excellence in all their endeavours.

The closure of the ACJC Harp Ensemble is merely the conclusion of a chapter in the illustrious legacy of the College.

‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens’ (Ecclesiates 3:1)

To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be.