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ACJC Cherishes the Class of 2019

On the 21st of February 2020, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) received the GCE A-level results for the Class of 2019.

In addition to the Integrity, Tenacity and Passion they displayed in their academics, the Class of 2019 served as exemplars of these ACSian values on the playing field, in performances, in clubs and societies, in academics, and in their service to others. As a College, we cherish each and every one of them, and in line with our ethos, we would like to showcase a few students, ACSian paragons one and all, who were outstanding role models during their time at the College.

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The School Leaders with some of our outstanding ACSians

The College takes deep pride in these ACSians, and in each and every member of the Class of 2019.

Ching Jaymi Mae Lim achieved academic excellence with 8 distinctions. In her time at ACJC, Jaymi was an active and prize winning science student. At the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) she attained the Silver award and a special award from the Singapore Electrochemical Society. She additionally was the Girls’ Captain of the ACJC Swimming Team leading the team to commendable results of overall 2nd runners up at the 2019 National Schools Swimming Championships. Jaymi was also a member of the ACJC Christian Fellowship and at the same time appointed as the President of the JC Scholars’ Executive Council. The College applauds her fine achievements.

Celestin Tan showed sterling achievement with 7 distinctions. She has been a passionate champion of humanities at ACJC, winning the Book Prize for H1 History in 2018. She was a facilitator for the Pre-University Seminar 2019 where she led her group in enabling discussions throughout the seminar. She was also a member of the Arts Council from 2018 to 2019 where she displayed verve and passion for the Humanities. Finally, Celestin was the Vice-Captain of Oldham House, and was also an Orientation Group Leader. The College celebrates her passion.

Lim Rong En Ryan obtained 4 Distinctions at the GCE A level Examinations. As the President of the Students’ Council, Ryan served the college on many occasions and in varying capacities. Ryan was awarded the Outstanding Service Award at the 2019 Honours’ Day. Ryan was also a member of the College’s Christian Fellowship. Apart from his two official CCAs, externally Ryan also took part in Ultimate Frisbee. The college congratulates Ryan on his fine results.

Wong Wan Qi achieved 6 distinctions at the GCE A level Examinations. She was awarded the 2019 ACJC Courage Award for her tenacity despite adversity. Despite being frequently hospitalised over a two year period, she never gave up and was determined to excel. She was also a recipient of the 2019 ECHA Award. As the Secretary of the ACJC Debate and Oratorical Society, she adjudicated for various debating competitions. She was also an enthusiastic team leader for the Grassroots Enrichment Programme. The college congratulates her on her sound performance.

We take deep pride in these fine young people who truly exemplify the ACSian spirit!

To God be the Glory- The Best is Yet to Be!