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Speech Arts Festival

On the 31st of August, ACJC organised and hosted the Speech Arts Festival 2019, which is an ongoing West Zone Centre of Excellence for the Language Arts project. The festival was structured as a competition, aimed at fostering a passion for comic performances of various sorts. Three categories of comic monologue, comic duologue, and comic extempore were split into upper and lower divisions, creating a fair and enjoyable competitive environment for all. The festival saw performers of ages ranging from 9 to 18 years old. Despite the large range of ages present, all participants impressed both judges and audiences with entertaining, engaging, and energetic story-telling, making the experience a meaningful time of learning for themselves and an enjoyable afternoon for all.

ACJC would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants for making the competition a success. The passion and zeal shown by each and every performer through the festival and the commitment of both teachers and students to supporting the language arts is encouraging and continues to make organising and hosting such events an absolute joy.

We look forward to next year’s edition.

To God be the Glory, The Best Is Yet To Be!

ACJC Speech Arts Festival 2019 Organising Committee.