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Nanyang Research Programme 2019

In 2018, eight ACJC students were selected for the Nanyang Research Programme (NRP), an annual research outreach programme organised by Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Their research topics ranged from Mathematical and Natural Sciences to Social Sciences. After one year of rigorous research, the students successfully completed their projects under the mentorship of their NTU professors and presented their projects at the NRP Symposium. We are proud to announce that our ACSians did extremely well, all winning awards for their projects.

Chan Chi Kei Rachel(2SB4)
Donny Suriyanto(2SC1)
Qu Tianyue(2SA1)
Laetitia Sherry Purnama(2MD3)

Zhang Yijie(2SA5)

Chen Zhao(2MD1)
Liu Zhilan(2SA1)
Chiong Wai Teng(2MD4)

NRP Photo 1.jpg
“Over the course of my research, I have learnt countless new skills, ranging from theories that are not covered in school to data analysis technique. When I first started out with zero knowledge on orbital mechanics, it was intimating to be thrown with concepts that are difficult to grasp. However NRP has allowed my curiosity to be piqued and found myself wanting to learn more.”

Chan Chi Kei Rachel(2SB4)

NRP Photo 2.jpg
“My NRP journey has not been an easy one. I had to strike a fine balance between CCA and NRP in order to make progress in both commitments. In conclusion, NRP had made me learn valuable lessons in perseverance and good time management.”

Donny Suriyanto(2SC1)

To God be the Glory! The Best is Yet to Be!