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Inventio 2019

On the 9th of September, The Anglo-Chinese Junior College’s Drama Elective Programme (DEP) Class of 2020 took to the stage to perform for the annual JC1 examination showcase, Inventio. As the name of the performance suggests, Inventio celebrates creative invention, an integral trait of the stage performer and budding dramatic devisor.

The showcase comprised three performances by the Class of 2020 that were diverse in both thematic exploration as well as stylistic choice. The first play, Model Students, offered an inquiry into various roles imposed on the individual by society, examined through a futuristic lens. The next piece, Alice In Wonderland, showcased students original interpretation of a familiar and beloved story, transporting the audience into a world of fantasy and imagination. The final performance of the night, Sure Thing, presented a quirky exploration of how chance, fate, and the passing of time can change reactions and conversations between two pairs of strangers.

As the second examination showcase for the Class of 2020, Inventio serves as a milestone for the students and is a display of the artistic growth of the class at the end of a year in the Drama Elective Programme. The engaging and dynamic performances of the students stand testament to the passion and hard work the class has put into their performances over months of rehearsals. With the class only at the halfway mark of their journey in the programme, Inventio was an encouraging sign of the potential of the students to reach greater heights in time to come.

Reuben Goh
To God Be The Glory,
The Best Is Yet To Be!