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International Oldham Cup

From 5th to 7th April, Anglo- Chinese Junior College’s very own Debate and Oratorical Society had the privilege of organising and competing in the International Oldham Cup tournament; a debate competition that spanned over three days. Competitors numbering nearly 400 people from 60 different teams, including national teams from South Asia, China and South East Asia, came to take part. Foreign and local international schools also took the opportunity to compete in this tournament.

The competitors engaged over motions such as considering if the policy of academic streaming should be ended, to the unique and thought-provoking - ‘This House Would cease all attempts to establish contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life.’ The adjudication for the event was carried out by world-renowned international debate judges who provided the best learning experience possible for our debaters.

Olympia Schools student immersion

To make the experience even more enriching, one of the foreign international schools, The Olympia Schools, Vietnam, arrived in Singapore a day early for a school immersion experience.

Both students and teachers were treated to an authentic ACJC experience where they attended lessons with ACJC students for a day. Both the local student volunteers and our counterparts learnt a great deal from each other and many new friendships were forged.

We hope that Oldham Cup was not just a place to grow one’s talent in debating but also a place where new meaningful relationships were created. We wish all our local and international friends the best and it is our hope that we get to see them again at next year’s Oldham Cup.

To God Be The Glory, The Best Is Yet To Be!