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Brain Camp 2019

The Temasek Foundation International-NUS STEP Brain Camp 2019 is sponsored by the Temasek Foundation International and organized by NUS as part of their STEP Programme. This year, the event drew about 120 students, making up about 31 teams from the local junior colleges and schools from across Asia.

4 students represented ACJC in this Camp:

Nicole Seah 2SC2
Vivian Seow 2SC2
Simba Yip 2SC1
Walwyn Lee 2SC1

Participants were treated to many lectures and activities by experts from various fields of neurology, and these deepened their understanding of neuroscience and gave them the opportunity to learn more about how the knowledge they acquired could be applied in research.

There were also activities organized to bond local and international participants. Local participants were tasked to host the international guests from the moment they touched down at the airport, and to see them off on the last day. The local-international students bonded over a special dinner on the first day of the Camp as well as at the Gardens By The Bay.

Prior to the Camp, the teams were tasked to write a research paper on the topic "The First Nervous Systems", and the ACJC team was awarded the second prize for their efforts!

Prior to the Camp, the ACJC team was also linked up with the team from Laos to create a research presentation on the same topic. Despite the challenges faced in communication and a short preparation duration, the team pulled through and we are proud to announce that they were awarded first place for their research presentation.

Walwyn and Nicole share their reflections:

“Overall, STEP Brain Camp 2019 was a really enriching experience; the many interesting lectures and workshops conducted by renowned researches opened my mind to the world of neuroscience. There was a never a dull moment during the camp as it gave me the opportunity to make many new friends from all over Asia, so every day was a blast with them.” – Walwyn

“This experience has helped me to have a better understanding of the vital role that neuroscience plays in the prevention of diseases and the creation of cures for diseases in today’s world. It also provided a first-hand experience of how theoretical knowledge can be applied by researchers in the field of neuroscience. I led both the ACJC team and the ACJC-Laos team, and although there were differences in communication, identifying the strengths of each member and out-of-the-box thinking helped us create an innovative presentation to overcome the language barrier. It was a memorable experience.” - Nicole

The ACJC team would like to thank Mrs Wan, our teacher in charge, for guiding us through the entire process, and anyone else that has supported them in one way or another.

To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be!