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ACSian Theatre in Hanoi

On 21 March 2019, ACSian Theatre went to Hanoi, Vietnam marking the start of the 2019 Aesthetics OCIP, led by ACSian Theatre. In Hanoi, ACSian Theatre worked with Olympia Schools (Hanoi), conducting extensive improvisational workshops and theatrical reciprocity exercises with the local students.


The workshops included devising games and activities that honed the performative skills and creativity of the students. The ACSian Theatre members worked with Grade 12 and Grade 5 students and taught them the various warm up techniques that are conducted routinely in ACSian Theatre and how to use the games and exercises to build community spirit. The teachers also engaged in mutual sharing of professional skills, experience and knowledge, conducting workshops for Mathematics, Debate, General Paper and VIA.

That said, ACSian Theatre also learnt a great deal from Olympia Schools. ACSian Theatre members were taught by the local music teacher how to play a traditional tune as well as a rendition of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” on traditional Vietnamese percussive instruments.



Before ACSian Theatre left Olympia Schools, they put up an exhilaratingly fun concert for the students in Vietnam which included many acoustic covers of popular songs by singing duos and trios as well as dances from the upcoming ACSian Theatre production “Shakespeare!”. The highlight of the concert was a collaborative dance featuring both ACSian Theatre performers and members of the Olympia dance society. It choreographed by ACSian Theatre’s dance captain and was learnt remotely by the Vietnamese students through video calls and tutorial videos.


Overall, the trip was a success and a great learning opportunity for ACSian Theatre. ACSian Theatre would like to thank the principals, administrators and teachers of both schools for making all this possible.

To God be the Glory, the Best is yet to Be!